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Episode 212 - Fiesta!
Mexican Accessories
It's that time of year!
Theming a dinner is a great way to make every day entertaining! Using a country like Mexico as inspiration works very well because accessories are colourful and inexpensive. Borrowing from friends who’ve also visited your theme country for a holiday is another way to create the look.

Here are some accessories that we used to set our Fiesta! theme dinner.
  • hand made paper flowers. These vibrant flowers are easy to find and add a bright, festive air to your Fiesta! You can place them on a sideboard or tie them around a hutch or etagere.
  • smaller hand made flowers often have a wire inside the stem. These are great for winding around a vibrant napkin.
  • Sombreros. Who hasn’t returned from Mexico without one in tow. Borrow some from friends and place them around your space.
  • Your local garden store is a great source for Mexican theme pieces. Small terra cotta plant under liners make great coasters for Mexican beer. Larger, glazed under liners make nice service pieces for breads.

This is but the tip of the iceberg for Mexican accessories. A trip to any multicultural neighbourhood in your town or city will uncover a wealth of ideas and stuff for your next Fiesta to remember!