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Episode 211 -- Movie Night
Tornado Table
Your favourite movies are a great jumping off point for big time entertaining. Whether it’s a sit down dinner or a buffet, consider that the actors, producers and directors of these films have already done much of the thinking for you! Now all you have to do is use some of this inspiration to give your table the star treatment.

We used the Wizard of Oz as our inspiration for a buffet table. It’s one of the easiest movies to replicate because almost everyone has seen the film and there are so many ways to interprete this classic!

Here are some suggestions:

For a table covering we used gingham with an islet lace border to recreate Dorothy’s dress. A friend who sews made us yellow runners to place down either end of the table as our “yellow brick road.”

Dishes are very simple, blue and yellow gingham because it’s a casual affair.

Our napkins are red and white striped, a take off on the Wicked Witch of the North’s socks. Using a square napkin, fold it over to create a triangle and then fold it again into a smaller triangle. You can either lay the napkin down or stand it on a plate.

The cutlery, cheap, cheap, cheap! The handles are of lucite and come in a variety of colours. For our buffet we used a red-handled set and simply scattered it across the entire table. This makes it appear as if a twister really did touch down in your dining room! The glasses we used were vintage, with a bright floral design.

We used vibrant casserole and service pieces. How about a wicker basket filled with old glass milk bottles from which you can serve beverages; another neat idea.

You don’t need expensive flowers for the Tornado Table. We placed single Gerberas into a series of similar, small glass vases which lined the yellow brick road on our table.

To add some more fun you can place little plastic farm animals borrowed from the kids or bought for very little money. Just scatter them about the table. We also got hold of a pair of ruby slippers and placed them near the centre of the table.

We really outdid ourselves in the centrepiece department, but it was easy and inexpensive to do. Onto a simple, black wooden base we drilled two pieces of baling wire and twisted them into the shape of a tornado. Then, using florist wire, we hung some of the plastic farm animals and a house from my old train set.

I know, you might think that we went a bit over the top, but you have to. You’ve got to go for broke if you’re doing a movie theme. Guaranteed your friends will remember this evening for years to come!