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Episode 210 - Good News!
Nik Predicts...
Mistess Vivah predicts...
Letís say youíre throwing a large party for lots of friends and you would like to hire some entertainment. A quartet or a small band adds an amazing amount of ambiance to a swank affair. But for something a little more offbeat, how about hiring a psychic? My friend Mistress ViVah, an expert on numerology, astrology and the art of Tarot card reading says a psychic can enliven any event and ensure that your guests have an interesting time.

Mistress ViVah predicts for Savoir Faire viewers and web site users new beginnings and good surprises. She also suggests that our friends are going to want to enjoy more of Savoir Faire in the future.

Wow! Talk about playing your cards right!

Courtesy: Mistress ViVah; Toronto, Canada (905) 897-9398