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Episode 201 - En Francais
Limoges -- Bridal Roses
Lovely bridal flowers
Beautiful, antique china has become extremely desirable for the serious collector. But itís not necessarily a sport of kings, according to my friend Hunter Williamson. He specializes in 19th century creamware, china and ironstone. He also sources for his clients antique French china pieces, many from the Limoges region of France. Some are rather pricey, others very affordable.

Take this piece for example. It most often goes by the name of Bridal Wreath, sometimes Bridal Rose. Pieces of this pattern were mass-produced by a company named Bowa & Dotter between the 1880's and the early 1990's in Limoges, France. Entire sets were made of the Bridal pattern, many of which are still widely available and very reasonably priced.

Courtesy: Hunter Williamson Antiques; Toronto, Ontario (416) 699-9136