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Episode 201 - En Francais
Champagne Lore
Any time anyone is serving champagne you can be sure that I’ll be there. It’s my all time favourite libation. Here are some points about this fabulous beverage, some practical, some useful only as stories that you can pass along to others.
  • True champagne is produced only in the Champagne region of France. If it comes from Spain, Italy or anywhere else for that matter, it by law must be referred to as sparkling wine.
  • Champagne is produced by using the first pressing of two grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This first pressing is called the ”vin de cuvee.”
  • Dom Perignon, a monk after which Moet and Chandon have named their famous champagne, came up with the idea quite by accident, of using a cork to seal the bottle before the fermenting carbonic gas had a chance to escape.
  • Legend has it that the original champagne saucer was created by Louis the 16th; it’s supposed to be an impression of Marie Antoinette’s breast.
There you go. Something to talk about ‘round the water cooler Monday morning!