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Episode 201 - En Francais
Place Cards
That extra touch...
Place cards give even the most simple of table settings that extra kick. While wandering through the streets of Parisí Left Bank recently, I came across a stationer that sold hand-painted, embossed place cards. Around the corner in another shop I convinced the owner to pull out the stuff that the other tourists usually donít see. She showed me some antique engraved invitations that I just had to have. I remember thinking that I couldnít wait to get home to use this stuff while entertaining friends and family.

This just proves that you truly can get inspiration from anywhere. Whether itís France or Fiji, Virginia Beach or Vancouver, these little finds tucked away in your suitcase will end up being souvenirs for you and your friends to share time and again. And if youíll permit, these are treasured souvenirs that I can share with you!