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Episode 201 - En Francais
French Bistro Table
Fancy Table!
One of the best ways to gain inspiration for entertaining is while on holiday. On a recent trip to Paris, I got a real kick at seeing how dinner tables were set and accessorized. From the finest restaurant to the most informal sidewalk cafe, it was all done with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, that flair that the French are so well known for.

The crisp simplicity of the tables I saw in many a bistro and sidewalk cafe often impressed me the most. To me they presented a clean palette to which I, or you for that matter, can add touches that make it stand out as your own creation. As an example, the table covering I use for a bistro table is of white linen. The napkins are oversized. I had a friend sew on ribbon borders of blue, white and red to replicate the French tri-colour.

I prefer dinnerware that’s casual and sturdy. How about white with a blue border to enhance the French theme? Flatware can be your every day stainless. Wine and water glasses are also simple, tall and slender.

In addition to a bread basket, wine coasters and other accessories, what will really help set off this or any other table is flowers. Here, I included three small arrangements, one each of blue, white and red flowers. To go that extra step further, something we on Savoir Faire are known for, I added two-inch wide ribbons of blue, white and red stripes running at intervals across the table. The final addition of small, frosted shade lanterns shed light on our tribute to the City of Lights!

Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll be imagining yourself sitting in a cafe on the Champs Elysees before you know it! Ooh la la, c’est maginifique!