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Episode 212 - Fiesta!
Face Cast
Aye! Scary!!
Hereís a project thatís great for you and the kids to create together. These bright face masks not only add colour to any party, you can even save them as mementos. My friend Paul Portelli, an artist, helped us to make these masks using you-know-whoís-face as a model.

  • a couple of packages of Plaster of Paris strips (available at craft stores)
  • petroleum jelly
  • a couple of old tea towels
  • gold (or any other colour) spray paint
  • a selection of bright acrylic paints
  • exacto knife
  • small artistís paint brush
  • selection of colourful feathers (available at craft stores)
  • a small sponge
  • hot glue gun

First, apply a good coating of petroleum jelly to your model, or friendís face, make doubly sure that you coat eyelids and brows. (Theyíll have to keep their eyes closed from this point until the mask is removed from their face)

Then, dip each Plaster of Paris strip into a bowl of lukewarm water and apply to your friendís face. You want to do three coats of these strips so the mask will be nice and sturdy when done. And, donít forget to cut little strips to go around the nostrils.

As an added touch you may wish to form a small lip with the plaster strips along the top of the mask onto which you can attach feathers later.

Leave the mask on your friendís face for about 5 minutes. It will heat up slightly as the plaster starts to dry. Gently remove the mask and help your friend to wipe off the excess petroleum jelly BEFORE THEY OPEN THEIR EYES. The petroleum jelly can sting a bit. Allow the mask to air dry for a couple of hours.

Cut out the maskís eye holes with the exacto knife. Then spray paint the entire mask in a metallic colour spray paint. Paul used gold.

Once the spray paint has dried, sponge on a nice red paint. Wipe off some of the red paint with an old cloth to expose some of the cracks and crevices.

Now itís time for the true artist in you to come out. Using other brightly coloured acrylic paints and your brush, you may want to paint the area around the eyes in a bright green, the mouth a nice blue. Itís totally up to you.

Once the paintís all dry, you can hot glue the feathers along the lip that you created with the Plaster of Paris strips.

Courtesy: Paul Portelli; Warkworth, Ontario, Canada (705) 924-1660