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Episode 211 - Movie Night
Going Hollywood...
Two thumbs up!!!!
Hurray for Hollywood! Not just because of the great movies itís given us, but also because of the great ideas it inspires for invitations to your own movie night. Hereís an idea for just one of those invitations; let your imagination run free when dreaming up others for your own show of shows!

  • Matte gold paper (preferably a card stock)
  • pinking sheers or regular scissors
  • Letraset (from a stationery shop or art supply house)
  • burnishing stick (or small tool with a flat edge)
  • colourful stickers (such as stars, anything in a Hollywood theme)
  • pieces of old movie film
  • adhesive photograph corners
  • gold ink pen
  • envelopes (colour of your choice, we used black)

Using your pinking sheers or scissors, cut the card to the size of the envelope. After you have decided how you want the front of the card to read, transfer the Letraset letters to the card using your burnishing tool. Add some star stickers or those of whatever you the party theme to be. On the inside of the card, centre the film strip on the side where you would normally write your salutation. Then apply the photograph corners to the paper and slip the film strip inside. With your gold ink pencil, write the party details directly onto the film strip. For an added touch, use the same gold pencil to address the envelope. You may wish to add a few more stickers to make your invitation really stand out in the mail.