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Episode 211 - Movie Night
Movie Munchies -- Popcorn
It's better homemade
Your popcorn maker is on the fritz. Now’s the perfect time to learn how to prepare popcorn the old fashioned way. I use one pot for this purpose and this purpose alone. Into it, pour some sunflower, corn or vegetable oil, just enough to cover the bottom. Next add the kernels, also in an even layer to cover the bottom of the pot.

Cover the pot and wait for the first few pops. As soon as you hear them, begin shaking the pot back and forth and then reduce the heat to simmer. After a couple of minutes you’ve got a pot of popcorn made the way they did it in the days before the microwave oven!

Don’t forget that when you present this popcorn top it off with some salt or even better some grated Parmesan cheese. Perfect as movie madness munchies!