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Episode 211 - Movie Night
Movie Munchies -- Veggie Chips
Different... and delicious
Letís say you invite some friends over the watch a video. You just know youíre going to want to have some snacks ready. These vegetable chips are delicious and just as easy to make as the traditional potato variety. Make lots and enjoy!


Whatever types of root vegetable you enjoy. Just remember, the less water content in the vegetable, the quicker it will cook. We used Jamaican sweet potatoes, regular sweet potatoes, plantain, cassavas and turnips. Some of the more exotic vegetables may be seasonal; sometimes you can purchase them at a specialty fruit stand. Peel and slice these vegetables as you would a potato.

Heat canola oil (or any other vegetable oil) in a pot to high, then reduce to a medium-high setting. Add the chips one to prevent them from sticking together. Let the slices fry until they turn a golden colour then transfer them to a paper towel. Season with a bit of salt. If you wish to be more adventurous, add Cajun spices or fresh herbs.

Courtesy: Michael Godel, All Our Favourite Foods; Toronto, Canada (416) 467-1297