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Episode 210 - Good News!
Herb Garden Starter
A gift that grows
A starter herb garden makes a nice gift for someone who is just moving into a new home or has just finished renovating an old kitchen. Itís practical, looks and smells great.

First you need a container of some sort. We used a rectangular terra cotta pot, but you can use a large, round pot or an old tin of any shape or size.

Fill the container half way with a nice, loamy soil to give the plants a good start.

Then add a selection of mature herb plants. In our herb garden we included:
  • green basil
  • opal basil (great for purple pesto)
  • leafy parsley
  • thyme
  • summer savoury
  • marjoram

Arrange the plants in the pot to make it look full and lush. Then you may wish to add cast iron markers with the names of the plants. Failing that you can use wooden sticks onto which you write the names of the herbs.