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Episode 210 - Good News!
Loot Bags -- Happy Wanderer
Is there a hobo you know?
Hereís a great giveaway for when a close friend is leaving on a trip. We themed it to reflect a little hoboís care pack.

Into a piece of gingham cloth, about a yard or metre square, we placed:
  • an address book so he or she can send back some post cards
  • a small journal and pen
  • a small quantity (about $20) in the currency of the country your friend is visiting. This is perfect for placing a phone call or taking a cab to a hotel upon arrival.
  • a small compass
  • band aids
  • non jet lag pills
  • a quick reference language guide

Once everything is placed inside, wrap the gingham into a pouch and tie onto a nice long stick from your garden or the park. Itís a fun and practical send off that shows you really care.