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Episode 210 - Good News!
The Posey
Again, classy
Whether Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, a wedding or anniversary, there are plenty of occasions to celebrate using specialty flower arrangements.

Hereís how to make a Posey, perfect for an afternoon tea or a night on the town.

  • Florist tape and florist wire (available at most floristís shops or craft stores)clippers
  • Posey holder, available at antiques stores. (We found our holder at Jonnyís Antiques in Shakespeare, Ontario)
  • 1 dozen roses, a combination (we used champagne and peach-coloured roses)
  • A couple of sprigs of fresh ivy
  • A few wide-leafed greens (we used Galax)


Line each rose stem using a piece of florist wire and then tape each stem individually. Create a small bouquet using the taped roses and a few sprigs of fresh ivy. Place the greens around the bottom of the bouquet to form a collar. Tape the stems of this entire bunch together and place into your posey holder. Place a pin through the holder and stems. Beautiful!