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Episode 210 - Good News!
The Boutonniere
A classy touch
Whether Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, a wedding or anniversary, there are plenty of occasions to celebrate using specialty flower arrangements.

Hereís how to make a boutonniere for a dress or jacket lapel.

  • Florist tape (available at most floristís shops or craft stores)
  • clippers
  • 1 chive blossom (a rose makes a great alternative)
  • a sprig of fresh ivy
  • a sprig of fresh rosemary, the top of which is trimmed into a point


Gather the chive blossom and sprigs of ivy and rosemary into a small bunch. Using florist tape start taping the bunch together close to the blooms and graduating down toward the bottom of the stems. Snip the stems of the flowers so theyíre nice and short. Continue twisting the florist tape past the end of the shortened stems into a point about a quarter of an inch past the bottom of the stems. Add a nice pin and then place onto yours or your partnerís dress or lapel.